Common Mistakes Made by Social Security Disability Applicants

Dec 29, 2014 | Social Security, Social Security Benefits

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Millions of Americans depend on Social Security Disability benefits as their main resource for income, yet a large number of claimants leave a portion of their benefits on the table due to mistakes that are made during the application and approval processes. That’s why the Social Security Disability lawyers with Newlin Disability would like to point out some of the most common errors disability applicants make.

  • Not Checking Earned Benefits Often Enough– Workers in the United States earn their disability benefits based on the length of time they worked and the amount of income they earned during that time; however, the Social Security Administration has been known to make mistakes while recording earnings. That’s why it’s crucial to regularly check your earned benefits statements to ensure you’re getting everything you’re owed.
  • Not Claiming All Earned Benefits– An individual who is approved for Social Security Disability payments may also be eligible for other benefit programs, such as Supplemental Security Income, yet many applicants fail to apply for other benefit programs they’re entitled to.
  • Not Applying Soon Enough– There are statutes of limitations on when an individual can make a disability claim. Furthermore, there is a decrease in the chances of your claim being approved the longer you wait to apply.

In order to avoid these and other common mistakes, you may want to speak with a legal representative regarding the options that are available to you for your disability. Our team of attorneys is available to speak with you any time by calling.

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