Does Alzheimer’s Disease Qualify Patients for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Nov 20, 2013 | Social Security Benefits, Social Security Disability Insurance

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Individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are often left unable to work due to memory loss and behavior issues brought on by the degeneration of the brain. Financial and medical assistance is available to these individuals through Social Security Disability benefits. The Social Security Disability Attorneys with the law firm of Newlin Disability explain receiving these benefits can be easier than ever for Alzheimer’s patients.

Due to the fact the condition has been added to the Social Security Administration’s list of “Compassionate Allowances”, claims for benefits based on a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s are placed into a fast-track approval process.

An article in the Chicago Tribune recently discussed how these benefits had proven to be beneficial for one woman and her husband. Seven years ago, the woman began to experience confusion and problems remembering her routine. Within a few short years, she was unable to live without full-time care.

The family’s lack of income caused by her condition qualified for Social Security disability benefits. However, making ends meet still sometimes proved to be difficult for the family.

The team of Alzheimer’s Disability Lawyers with Newlin Disability say that is why it is so important to plan ahead and discuss your case with an attorney prior to filing a claim for benefits. Doing so will help ensure you, or your loved one, are properly compensated for a disability.

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