Housing for People With Intellectual Disabilities Coming to Irvine

Jul 7, 2014 | Social Security Disability Insurance

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When people suffer from developmental or intellectual disabilities, life often has a very unique set of hurdles that must be overcome. The parents of many of these individuals often must ensure their disabled children can be cared for after they are gone. While Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income can provide some financial support, neither program supplies housing. Furthermore, the limits on income these programs establish can prevent those with intellectual disabilities from securing their own housing.

This is why the City of Irvine, California, has adopted a policy to create housing opportunities for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The OC Register explains the City Council recently approved a measure that requires developers to offer a certain number of units in any new housing project to those with intellectual disabilities at affordable prices. If developers wish to opt out, they must pay money towards the Irvine Community Land Trust.

Offering these units below market value allows disabled citizens the opportunity to secure a home while staying within the strict income limitations established by the Social Security Administration.

At Newlin Disability, our Social Security Disability Lawyers know how difficult it can be for a disabled individual to make ends meet. That’s why we commend the City of Irvine for making efforts to accommodate these citizens and hope other cities will follow in their footsteps.

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