Indiana Medicaid Now Allows For Birth Control Coverage

Nov 15, 2011 | Social Security

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Indiana Medicaid is about to undergo some positive changes that could allow hundreds of recipients to receive birth control. News Channel 10 reported Monday that the changes were passed six years ago, but were delayed because of a processing error.

The law, designed to prevent unwanted pregnancies and at-risk births, was passed in 2005 by the Indiana House of Representatives, but recent reports found that paperwork was never processed. Estimates show the mistake cost Indiana taxpayers more than $1 million. However, the government estimates a $8 million savings over the next five years from the correction.

The law will now allow for state-covered Medicaid recipients to obtain birth control pills, IUD’s, and tubal ligation for free or at heavily discounted rates. Lawmakers hope the change will cut the state’s healthcare costs. Utah and Wisconsin have laws that are comparable for the same reason.

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