Nearly 2 million people waiting on Social Security Disability claim

May 20, 2010 | Social Security, Social Security Benefits

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Are you one of the nearly 2 million Americans waiting to find out if you will qualify for Social Security Disability benefits?

The commissioner of Social Security, Michale Astrue, says the wait time is unacceptable. He has had some success in reducing the backlog, but more cases related to the economic recession threaten to overrun the system.

The Associated Press reports it is expected that 3.3 million people will apply for benefits this year. Nearly two thirds of those claims will be denied by state agencies. At that time, individuals can go through the appeal process, which is what can take up to two years.

Astrue’s goal is to clear the appeals backlog by 2013.

If you are stuck in the Social Security Disability backlog and need help, the Social Security Disability attorneys at Newlin Disability can help you with your claim.

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