New Video Shows “The Faces and Facts of Disability”

May 16, 2014 | Social Security Disability Insurance

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There are an estimated 56 million Americans living with disabilities, many of whom are unable to work due to their conditions. These individuals may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, but one of the greatest hurdles the program must overcome is finding a way to inform disabled Americans about the benefits provided by the Social Security system.

The Social Security Administration is working to solve this problem with a new video that provides many of the details surrounding Social Security Disability benefits. “The Faces and Facts of Disability” discusses not only some of the most common disabling conditions, but also some of the myths that surround the program.

Social Security Disability Eligibility is addressed as one of the most frequently asked about concerns about the program, and the video covers who may qualify and what some of the standards for determining eligibility are.

If you are considering applying for Social Security Disability benefits, the Social Security Disability attorneys at Newlin Disability encourage you to watch the video. If you need more information, call today or you can fill out a free online form on our website.


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