Salem Improves Streets To Assist The Disabled With Their Commute

May 29, 2013 | Social Security

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For many who receive Social Security Disability, their conditions leave them with limited mobility that can make long treks extremely difficult. Many are unable to drive and depend on bus routes not only because of this lack of mobility, but also a lack of money to afford a vehicle. So, imagine the frustration of many disabled citizens of Salem, Oregon, when a new Social Security office was built approximately 1,000 feet from the nearest bus stop.

According to an article from the Statesman Journal, the placement of the building required those utilizing a bus to visit the facility to cross a set of train tracks and then follow a dirt path along a congested street. The safety hazards were brought to the attention of government officials and now a construction project is underway to ease the dangers of the journey from the bus stop to the building.

Peter Fernandez, Director for the city’s Public Works Department, explained that the new pathway will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and will feature a new crosswalk and sidewalk. The improvements will also include curbs, curb ramps for wheelchairs, and better street markings.

The Social Security Attorneys with Newlin Disability applaud the efforts to ease the commute for the disabled in the Salem area. The firm is hopeful the project’s completion will be successful in better protecting recipients from the dangers of traffic during their commute to the Social Security office.

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