Social Security Disability Lawyers Examine Autism As A Condition Qualifying For Benefits

Oct 9, 2013 | Social Security Benefits, Social Security Disability Insurance

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For those who are unable to work because of a mental or physical condition, resources for income can be extremely limited. This may force these individuals to become dependent on benefits offered through the federal government’s Social Security system in order to make ends meet.

The Social Security Disability Lawyers with Newlin Disability explain that autism is one of the many mental conditions that may qualify an individual as eligible for such assistance. Due to the fact that work history is used to determine eligibility for Social Security Disability Benefits though, a child with autism may only qualify for Supplemental Security Income until they are considered an adult.

The Social Security Administration states that an individual suffering from autism must meet certain criteria in order to receive benefits though. The Social Security Administration lists the guidelines for an approval on a claim based on autism in Section 112 of its Blue Book as:

  • The condition characterizing itself as showing qualitative deficits in the development of reciprocal social interaction, development of verbal and nonverbal communication, imaginative activity, and a restricted repertoire of activities and interests.
  • Each of these aspects must be medically documented

Such documentation could include data in a patient’s clinical history, test scores, lab results, or a doctor’s written statement.

The firm understands how complex filing a claim for Social Security benefits can be and suggest discussing your case with an attorney to ensure your legal rights are protected.

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