Ticket To Work Program Focuses On Social Security Disability Beneficiaries

Jun 21, 2013 | Social Security Benefits, Social Security Disability Insurance

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With the number of citizens filing Social Security Disability Claims skyrocketing and funding for such programs slowly beginning to run out, it is vital that solutions to sustainability of the program be found. One way the Social Security Administration (SSA) is looking to cut its costs is by getting those who receive Social Security Disability benefits back to work.

The SSA has launched a program called “Ticket To Work” that focuses on getting the disabled who are capable of performing certain duties back into the workforce. These individuals are able to continue collecting their disability benefits for a certain amount of time, while also collecting a paycheck.

The goal of the program is to offer the disabled more choices for returning to work, while increasing financial independence and reducing an individual’s need for government assistance.

The program is free for anyone who is between the ages of 18- and 64-years-old who currently receive Social Security Disability benefits. Those who wish to participate need only sign up to do so with an approved service provider. If the work assignment is accepted by the Employment Network or State Vocational Rehabilitation agency, they will then coordinate and supply the services needed to get an individual back in the workforce, such as training, counseling, and other support services.

The Social Security Disability Attorneys with Newlin Disability encourage those who receive Social Security Disability benefits to consider participating in the program.

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