Top 3 Ways to Maximize Social Security Disability Benefits

Feb 28, 2014 | Social Security Disability Insurance

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The regulations and policies governing Social Security Disability can be confusing and complex, making it extremely difficult for some to ensure they are getting as much assistance as they are entitled to. Since many claimants depend on these benefits as their main source of income, the Social Security Disability Lawyers with Newlin Disability would like to offer three tips to help maximize your disability claim:

  • Wait as long as possible to take retirement – Both a person’s disability and retirement benefits are based on duration of employment and income during that time. Disability benefits will automatically roll into retirement benefits at age 66, so there is no need to prematurely make the change, which would cause a claimant to essentially waive precious income.
  • Examine the effects marriage and divorce has on your claim – An article from PBS News, discusses how a spouse’s benefits can directly affect a disabled individual’s benefits.
  • Discuss your case with an attorney – Everyone’s situations and questions regarding their disability claim are different. That is why it is so important to seek the guidance of a reputable lawyer when attempting to file a new disability claim or appeal an older one.

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