What Happens If A Social Security Disability Claim Is Denied?

Oct 25, 2013 | Social Security Benefits, Social Security Disability Insurance

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When an individual applies for Social Security disability benefits, the initial claim will likely be denied. Data from the Social Security Administration (SSA) shows more than 70 percent of claimants receive a Social Security Disability Denial during processing. This doesn’t necessarily mean the individual will not receive benefits; however, it does mean they may have to go through a process of appeals in order to be approved though.

Once a denial has been issued, the disabled worker has 60 days to contact the SSA in order to initiate the appeals process. Once the paperwork is complete, Disability Determination Services officials will examine the case and a decision in the matter will be issued in writing. If the claim is denied again, a hearing will be held and the case will again be reviewed, but this time by a judge. If it is once again denied, the decision can be appealed to the next level, which is a review panel.

Even if the claim is denied through all four levels of the appeals process, there still may be more action that can be taken. The Queens Chronicle told of how roughly 4,000 claims are being reopened as the result of a class action settlement. In that case, the court ruled judges had hastily denied claims for Social Security disability benefits.

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