3 Factors Used to Determine Social Security Disability Eligibility

May 12, 2014 | Social Security Disability Insurance

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You may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits if you’re unable to work because of a mental or physical condition. When applying, it’s important to remember there will be three factors that will come into play when determining your Social Security Disability Eligibility, including:

  1. Age- The Social Security Administration will partially use age to determine your ability to learn new skills and take on different work. If you are younger, typically below 55-years-old, you may be considered more capable of making these adjustments.
  2. Education- Your level of schoolingwill also be used to determine your ability to be retrained or take on other work. Special considerations may be given if you have limited English proficiency.
  3. Work Experience- You must have worked a certain amount of time and paid enough into the system in order to be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Employment history may also be used to determine if you are capable of taking on a different employment role.

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