The geography of Social Security Disability payments varies widely–part 2

Dec 6, 2011 | Social Security Disability Insurance

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Social Security Disability rates are considerably higher in rural America than in cities, according to the Daily Yonder.

Two of the counties in our nation receiving the highest percentage of Social Security Disability are Harlan County in Kentucky and Buchanan County in Virginia. Harlan, Kentucky, is a coal mining county where more than 17 percent of working age adults are disabled.

In Buchanan County, Virginia, another coal mining county, there were nearly 16,000 working age adults in Buchanan in 2009, and just more than 4,400 were disabled.

As far as states go, with the exception of Maine, the southern states are collecting more Social Security Disability than the northern or western states.

West Virginia, followed closely by Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, and Maine, had the highest percentage of working age adults qualified for Disability in 2009. It was 9.6 percent.

Utah, Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, California, and Maryland have the lowest percentages of adults receiving a Disability check. Utah’s percentage was 2.8 in 2009.

In Washington, D.C. — where Social Security is at the center of a national debate on federal spending — only 3.2 percent of working age adults rely on these kinds of benefits.

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