How Other Benefits Can Affect Social Security Disability Payments

Dec 2, 2013 | Social Security Benefits, Social Security Disability Insurance

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When an individual is left permanently unable to work due to an on-the-job accident, they may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits for a source of income. However, the Social Security Disability Lawyers with Newlin Disability warn accident victims that other benefits they receive, such as workers’ compensation, could affect the amount of assistance they get from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Payments for a disabling injury from a private source, such as a pension or insurance policy, will not affect a Social Security Disability payout. Public benefits, like workers compensation, will be used to determine benefit payments though. An SSA Press Release explains the total amount of any public benefits a claimant receives cannot exceed 80 percent of the claimant’s average income earnings before becoming disabled. Any excess will be deducted from the final payout that SSA administers.

The only public benefits to receive an exception to the rules are payments from the Veterans Administration, Supplemental Security Income, or certain state and local benefits.

The SSA adds that any change in income status can directly affect Social Security Disability Payments and should immediately be reported to the agency. The team of attorneys with Newlin Disability would also encourage anyone who is applying for such benefits, or who has been denied in the past, to discuss their legal rights with a reputable attorney immediately.

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