Number of Supplemental Security Income Claims Higher Than Ever Before

Sep 23, 2013 | Social Security Disability Insurance

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Over the past several decades the number of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients has steadily swelled, especially among claims being made for children. While most recipients consider these benefits a lifeline, the increasing costs have many citizens questioning what the future holds for the program.

The Supplemental Security Income Lawyers with Newlin Disability point to data that indicates in 1974, when the SSI program was first launched, the total number of disabled children receiving benefits was approximately 71,000. By 2011 though, roughly 1.3 million disabled children were receiving benefits, costing taxpayers around $9.3 Billion annually.

An article released by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco says there are several reasons for this increase in claimants. One of the major influencing factors came when a precedent-setting court case eased the qualifications for receiving SSI benefits. Then later, rulings allowed for more liberal interpretations of these standards, allowing more citizens to be considered eligible for payments through the program.

The increase in the number of payouts is only complicated by the fact that many claimants will continue to collect benefits for the rest of their lives, rather than entering the workforce at some point.

The law firm’s team of attorneys explain the shortage of funding these issues are creating could complicate the approval process for new claimants and encourage those considering applying for benefits to discuss their case with a reputable attorney immediately.

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