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Nov 8, 2013 | Social Security Disability Insurance

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November 8, 2013

Each day, the number of soldiers and veterans who are unable to work due to disabling conditions brought on by their service to our country continues to grow. While Veterans Social Security Disability is available, the massive backlog of unprocessed claims can leave these individuals waiting for extended periods to receive the assistance they so desperately need and deserve.

In an effort to address this problem, the federal government recently passed a piece of legislation that allows for disability claims being made by veterans to be expedited through the approval process. According to an article released by Tri Cities News, the Social Security Administration has a webpage that is dedicated to supplying information regarding the benefits that are available for soldiers and veterans who were injured on or after October 1, 2001.

The page answers a number of questions ranging from what qualifies an individual for benefits to discussing what incentives are available for those considering returning to work. The page also contains links to all the documents that must be completed in order to begin the application process.

The Social Security Disability Lawyers with Newlin Disability recognize how frustrating the battle for benefits can be for the more than 116,000 service member who are awaiting a decision on their claim. That’s why the firm is here to help anyone who has been disabled due to a mental or physical condition caused by military service.

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