Social Security Disability Program needs a fix, and needs it now

Aug 26, 2010 | Social Security, Social Security Benefits

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The U.S. News & World Report says the federal Social Security Disability program is in desperate need of some repairs, and those need to happen sooner rather than later.

The disability arm of Social Security is projected to run out of funds by 2018. This is in part because claimants don’t have to be 62 to apply for benefits.

With the increase in claims receiving disability insurance benefits continues to be an arduous task. Wait times have increased and fewer than 40% of claims were initially approved. The article suggests that additional funding should be secured or changes to the program need to be made if future users want to receive Social Security Disability benefits.

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Do you think there is a way to fix this broken Social Security system, or should this federally funded program be discontinued?

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