SSA Changes Policies Regarding Same-Sex Relationships

Oct 10, 2014 | Social Security, Social Security Disability Insurance

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If a health condition leaves you unable to work, you may be entitled to Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability benefits. But it’s important to remember there are numerous factors that can affect your claim, including your relationship status.

For years, sameisex couples were prohibited from receiving federal disability benefits because the law did not recognize their marriages as legal. Last year though, the U.S. Supreme Court found this policy to be unconstitutional. Since then, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has updated its policies to be in accordance with new laws. The SSA now recognizes some non-marital legal relationships as marriages for the purposes of processing benefit claims in a more efficient manner. The policy changes apply to those seeking Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits.

Officials say the change allows the SSA to begin processing claims in many states that do not recognize same-sex marriages or relationships.

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