The Judge Could Be a Factor in Your Social Security Disability Appeal

Mar 9, 2015 | Social Security, Social Security Benefits, Social Security Disability Insurance

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If you’ve applied for Social Security Disability benefits, in all likelihood, your claim has been denied. That’s because the Social Security Administration says that up to 65 percent of initial disability claims are denied. This leaves many citizens wondering what factors come into play in deciding whether a disabled individual should receive Social Security payments.

Some experts believe the judge hearing your Social Security Disability appeal could make all the difference. Data indicates that some judges tend to approve disability applicants at a higher rate than others.

An article posted by The Wall Street Journal found judges hearing disability appeals approved 70 percent of the cases that came before them over the past decade. Approximately nine percent of judges approved more than 90 percent of cases that came across their bench. Trends also indicate that many judges approved more claims over time.

Laws were reformed over the last several years, aiming to ensure judges remain impartial. This includes limiting the number of cases each judge hears per year. This allows judges to fully focus on each new case they hear.

There are plenty of other factors that can affect whether or not your Social Security Disability appeal will be approved. Seeking legal counsel may be the best way to determine how to handle your case. The Social Security Disability lawyers with Newlin Disability are here to answer any legal questions you may have if your claim for Social Security Disability benefits has been denied. Call us to discuss your case today.

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