Tips to Speed Up the SSD Approval Process

Sep 8, 2014 | Social Security Disability Insurance

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While the Social Security Administration (SSA) has a goal of processing all new disability claims within 109 days of filing, the agency has repeatedly failed to meet this standard. The average new claim takes longer than one year to be processed. This leaves many applicants wondering what is taking so long and what they can do to expedite their claims.

Understanding the Surge in SSD Applications

One of the biggest problems with the Social Security Disability (SSD) process is that there are more people than ever before applying for benefits. The growing number of people completing  Social Security Disability applications is thought to be due to aging of the workforce and problems with the national economy.

The demographic shift towards an older workforce means more individuals are experiencing age-related disabilities. Economic downturns often correlate with an increase in disability claims, as those with marginal health may lose their jobs and have no other choice but to apply for SSD benefits. These factors combine to create a bottleneck in the SSD application system.

Dealing with High Denial Rates and Appeals

Another issue is that as many as 60 percent of initial disability claims are denied, causing extended wait times due to the lengthy appeals process that follows a denial.

This high denial rate doesn’t just reflect the strictness of SSD criteria but also highlights the common mistakes made in the application process. Many claimants are unaware of how to present their medical evidence effectively or may not understand the SSA’s definition of disability, leading to incomplete or inadequate applications.

Expedite Your SSD Claim: Tips for Faster Processing

So what can you do to help ensure your claim is processed as quickly as possible?

Being proactive with your SSD claim is crucial. Start by organizing your medical evidence and any related documentation before you apply. This preparation can significantly cut down on the back-and-forth that often slows down the process.

Having all the necessary documentation will improve your chances for a fast approval. This means having medical records and other paperwork clearly outlining your condition and its effects on your ability to work.

Ensure your medical records are thorough, up-to-date, and include detailed notes from your treating physicians. These documents should articulate not only your diagnosis but also how your condition impairs your daily activities and prevents you from working.

Consulting with a Social Security Disability Expert in Terre Haute, IN

Most experts agree it would also be beneficial to speak with a Social Security Disability lawyer about your case prior to filing. Doing so helps make sure all deadlines are met and your questions during the filing process are answered.

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