Upgrades to Online System Makes SSDI Appeals Easier

Aug 27, 2015 | Social Security Disability Insurance

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The Difficult Road to Social Security Disability Approval

Getting approved to receive Social Security Disability benefits is no easy task. In fact, the Social Security Administration (SSA) reports up to 65 percent of claims are initially turned down.

The SSDI Appeals Process: A Long Journey Made Easier

When a Social Security Disability denial is issued, the claimant has the right to file an appeal of the decision. Doing so has proven to be a long and drawn out process for many in the past. Now, changes have been made to the online filing system in order to make filing SSDI appeals much easier and more efficient.

The Scope of Social Security Appeals: A Look at the Numbers

The system is currently responsible for filing roughly 90,000 appeals per month nationwide. SSA officials are hopeful upgrades that have been made to the system could increase that number; all while providing users with a better experience.

A press release issued in NRToday says the online Social Security Disability appeals filing system now features the ability to submit both an appeals request and medical records at the same time. The need to submit duplicate information has also been eliminated in many areas.

Users outside the United States are also now able to access the system.

The Role of Technology in Streamlining SSDI Appeals

Technology can be extremely beneficial in reducing the backlog of claims awaiting decisions. It can cut the wait times for decisions when appealing your Social Security Disability claim as well. The Social Security Disability lawyers at Newlin Disability applaud these improvements and are hopeful more ways to better the process for filing and appealing a Social Security Disability claims can be discovered.

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